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All your drama are belong to us
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Sick of the insane amount of drama on Gaia Online?

Then this isn't the place for you! Bring your drama here. Bitch, complain, rant and gossip to your hearts content.

Hopefully this will keep some of it out of the other communities for those strange people that claim to not like drama. ;D

Disclaimer - This is just for fun. We don't take it seriously, neither should you. <3

This community exists to get lulz from events on www.gaiaonline.com. It is not intended as a means to harass anyone on Gaia or indeed on Livejournal.

1. No slandering. It's ok to voice your opinion on something but no personal attacks please.
2. No spamming with quizzes or memes.
3. No begging for gold or items here.
4. NO TROLLING IN PERSONAL JOURNALS. It's ok to laff at people but do not take it to their journals.